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Does Subliminal Advertising Exist?, January 1

Healthy and Unhealthy Competition, January 21

Why Does Capitalism Need To Be Defended?, February 15

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Sound or Independent Judgment?, December 26


On Judging the Quality of Today's Students, January 25

Postmodernism and the Next Failure of Socialism, February 21

Dewey in Context, March 16

Because the Stakes Are So Small, April 14

Rules vs. Principles, May 16

Caterpillars into Butterflies, June 13

Peddlers of Ideas, July 17

Ensuring That Disposition Trumps Situation, August 12

The Two Liberalisms, September 8

The Child As Small Adult, October 23

Coerced Altruism, Involuntary Servitude, and Contempt for the Less Well Off, November 26

Faking Your Way Through Life, December 23


The Von Domarus Principle and the Nature of the Subconscious Mind, January 20

Why the World Is Not Going to Hell in a Basket, February 15

Life in Three-Quarter Time, March 23

The Epistemology of Ethics, Salesmanship, and Basket Weaving, April 26

On Extrinsic Motivation, Bureaucracy, and the Stage-Mother Syndrome, May 18

The Ethics of Accreditation, June 23

Ignorance versus Dishonesty, July 20

The Importance of Philosophy to a Successful Business Career, August 24

Interest and the Core Curriculum, September 8

The Primacy of Method, October 9

Education and the Rent Control Model of Monopoly, November 16

Education in One Lesson, December 17


"You Can Get It in the Book," January 22

The Factory Model of Education, Technocracy, and the Free School Movement, February 15

Teaching versus Learning versus Doing, March 24

The Courage to be Patient, April 27

Ideas Kill, May 20

Rankism and the Well-Earned Disrespect of Some Teachers, June 21

Choice Theory and Capitalism versus Dictatorship, July 16

Questions about Independent Judgment, August 17

Standing Down from External Control, September 14

Working in Business as Opposed to Being a Student, October 13

Theory of the Big Mouth, November 5

The Blender Principle, December 4


Yes, There Is Crying in Softball, January 14

Tiger Mom or Stage Mom?, February 17

Control and Choice in Education, March 18

The Primacy of Psychology, April 19

Group Projects: The Bell Has Tolled, May 24

On Hitting . . . Dogs and Children, June 23

Should Spanking Be a Felony?, July 25

Look at Your Premises. Look. Look. Look!, August 29

"Children Don't Have Disorders; They Live in a Disordered World," September 21

There Are More Important Things in Life Than Softball, October 7

Statements of Independence, November 4

Nutrition and the Argument from Uncertainty, December 3


The Flawed Environment of Academic Research, January 20

Altruistic Twaddle and the Harm It Causes, February 13

Introversion, Quiet Persistence, and the Tortoise, March 16

Educational Innovation from Outside the Establishment, April 22

The Triumph of Ethics over Practicality: A Tale of Two Cities, May 23

Look It Up, Look It Up: The Open-Book Test, June 18

The Barbarity of Modern Psychiatry, July 17

Kindness versus "Hard Science," August 16

The Science Isn't There, September 19

“Miniature Adults,” the Marketing Concept, and a Montessori Approach to Organized Youth Sports, October 12

Who Are We Going to Coerce Today? (Originally Titled: Politics Is a Bore, November 2

“Men of Hard Science” and the Denial of Animal Emotions, December 7


The Root of Dictatorship, January 20

On Killing Creativity, February 22

The Comparative Society, March 22

Life Lessons from Sports: What about the Sixty Years after College?, April 9

Challenging the New McCarthyism, May 17

The Sovietization of Federal Law, June 24

Virulent Absolutism in an Age of Relativism, July 15

In Praise of Quitters and Failures, August 6, 2013

Facts Don't Matter, Or: The Art of BS, September 16, 2013

Return of the Blackshirts?, October 14, 2013

Evita: Why We Love That Musical about a Dictator, November 22, 2013

Parents: Be Your Children's Friend—Give Them the Easy Life, December 21, 2013


How Government Kills Industries, January 24

Plagiarism—Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, February 17

Filling the Swiss Cheese Holes, March 28

Thoughts, Not Environmental Conditions, Cause Criminal Behavior, April 24

The Role of Honor in Moral Revolutions, May 31

A Neoconservative's Defense of Pseudo-Honor, June 24

Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets, July 28

The Whistleblowers: An Indictment of the Mixed Economy and Bureaucracy, August 25

"They'll Be Fine"—Two Takes on Indifference to Psychology, September 29

The Elites and the Underground: No Law vs. Rule of Law vs. Excessive Law, October 23

The Bureaucratic Personality: Similarities to the Criminal Mind?, November 19

The PhD Cop, December 12


On Hitting Dogs and Children . . . and Prisoners of War, January 12

Defending Hate Speech and Satire against the Criminal Mind, January 12

Polylogism, the Right to Lie, and Serial Embellishers, February 16

The Not-So-Visible Gun: Government Is Not Our Friend, May 13

Trigger Warnings, June 23

Ayn Rand, of Course, Was Right, August 20

The Galilean Personality vs. Wall-to-Wall Marxism and Human Sexual Identity, October 31

Further Comment on Galileo's Middle Finger, November 2

Crybullies, Non-Negotiable Demands, Micro-Totalitarianisms, Academic Fascism . . . and Cabaret, December 12


American Maoism, the "Narrative" of Political Correctness, and Racist Minimum Wage Legislation, January 21

Why Don't Facts Matter? - February 3

The Communist Era and Capitalism vs. Democracy, March 4

On Involuntary Servitude: "You'll Do Something, Mr. Cook . . . If You Don't, We'll Make You," April, 6

From the Stick Motivation Department: Chores, May 4

From the Stick Motivation Department, Part Two: Class Participation, June 12

The Fascist Early Progressives, July 7

Genes vs. Environment: Anyone for Free Will?, August 15

Is Intelligence Inborn?, September 10

Statistical Projection vs. Scientific Generalization, October 4

Who Are We Going to Coerce Today? — Also Known As: Politics Is a Bore, 2016 Version, November 1

The Reductio of Bureaucracy: Totalitarian Dictatorship, December 6


On the Alleged Banality of Evil and Heroism, January 10

Condescension, Intelligence Defense-Values—and the Deplorables. And Oh Yes. The Putsch Mentality, February 8

On the Need to Take People (Including Politicians) Seriously, Not Liberally, March 6

Brains or Blood? Take Your Pick — The Choice Is Not New But the Threat Is Worse, April 14

Independence and Certainty, May 3

On Bias and Its Underlying Theories of Human Nature, June 7

Do We Have to Die to Maintain Our Independent Psychologies?, July 10

How Well-Intended Are the Well-Intended?, August 16

The Meaning of Free Society, September 9

The Fascist Left, October 8

Our Goebbelsian Culture and the Soviet Minders Who Claim to Protect Us, November 8

The Meaning of Sacrifice and the Staying Power of Statism, December 11


More on Condescension toward the Weak, Stupid, and Ignorant, January 12

The Repressed Memory Craze and Hysteria as Mimicry of Physical and Psychological Disorders, February 15

The Deference to Authority Studies, March 7

On the Worst—and Best—Rising to the Top, April 9